Black Heart & the Texas Tornado Brew Up a Storm

Female American Pool Professional, Vivian Villarreal became the latest recruitment of Black Heart Premium Billiard Tips, BH SQUAD announced today.
The crowd pleasing Billiard stalwart Villarreal became committed to playing with Black Heart Tips from the very first time she chalked and cued to hit a shot. “I was astonished how great these layered billiard tips are. For 15 racks running, I played all the shots without even having to re-chalk the tip! Now that’s quality!!! The leather they use in their products is amazing, and I’m really pleased to be on board to endorse and promote their great products.” explained MsVillarreal.
Black Heart Premium Billiard Tips, celebrating its inaugural year in the Billiards Industry and recognizes the necessity to support pocket billiards and its players as much as possible. “We have several strategies in place for like minded players to join us here at Black Heart.” said Customer Service Manager, Ed Fairhurst. He added “Vivian Villarreal will be using our BLACKHEART™ E_CLASS Tip which is of hard-grade and part of the Black Heart CLASS SERIES.”
World Champion Vivian Villarreal a.k.a. The Texas Tornado, has enjoyed much success and currently holds 18 titles including the ESPN World Championships. Loved for her spectacular and sensational pool play on the table, Villarreal is regarded very highly amongst her peers and within the industry.
With its advanced micro stipple manufacturing process, the BLACKHEART™ brand is the leading manufacturer specialist of layered 100% leather tips that are more consistent and compatible than any of its competitors.
Revolutionary by design, this is the state of the art Billiard Cue Tip. The Indoor Humidity Defensive System (I-HDS Technology) protects the Cue Tip against the environment, eradicating the effect of the surrounding playing conditions making the BLACKHEART™ Tip a brilliant advancement towards perfection.
We are extremely happy with the exceptional development of our BH Squad program and we encourage players of all levels to contact us and join the rev5olution in Billiard game play. To learn more, please visit