Black Widow is Ultimate Trick Shot Champion

Jeanette Lee
Black Widow is Ultimate Trick Shot Champion

Seoul, Korea - Jeanette Lee in beautiful company with stars Jennifer Barretta, Ga Young Kim, Tiffany Nelson, Yuram Cha and Miyuki Sakai performed trick shots in a standing room only crowd at famed amusement park Lotte World, Korea.

The event was aired live on Korea's #1 network MBC ESPN for 2 hours and was the #1 show in its time slot.

Lee, who is former Women's World Trickshot Champion, used her experience in defeating her opponents in the event in the round robin format playing with similar rules to basketball's HORSE. Her opponent in the finals was Korea's teenage young gun Yuram Cha. The youthful Cha was not able to keep up with the Black Widow's repetoire of shots, but Cha gained experience and a whole lot of fans.

Korea has a star rating of celebrities including actors,actresses,sports figures,etc. Cha's rating at the beginning of the event was ranked 800 and she moved to #1 ranked in the chart and also search engines. MBC ESPN and other networks will be doing a documentary on the now overnight stardom of the young and beautiful Cha.

"She's so beautiful and she has such a bright future ahead of herself in this sport." said Lee when asked her opinion of Cha.

Jeanette Lee and all the stars of the event will team up with the men stars in pool including Rodney Morris, Charlie Williams, and George Breedlove in this weekend's Korea vs USA .

The Ultimate Trickshot Challenge is part of the Brunswick Korea Pro Pool Tour and was played on the sleek Brunswick Metro table.

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