“Black Widow” Partners with Hot Tub Industry

Jeanette Lee

Alexandria, VA, February 20, 2007 - Jeanette Lee, aka “The Black Widow,” has agreed to speak on the health benefits of hot tubs on behalf of The Hot Tub Council (HTC) of the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP). The partnership goes into effect immediately.

A world champion professional pool player who is known as the Black Widow for her “ability to devour opponents, along with her custom of wearing only black during tournaments,” Lee has undergone a variety of surgeries related to scoliosis (she was diagnosed at age 13). Throughout the rehabilitative process, Lee points to warm-water therapy as a necessary component for a speedy recovery. She is very active in the Scoliosis Association, Inc. among other charitable efforts.

“As a very visible, championship-level sports figure, we believe that Jeanette Lee is the perfect choice to share the good health news about warm-water therapy,” said Steve Gorlin, chairman of the HTC. “She can talk from personal experience to those who suffer from back and joint pain about a warm-water therapy regimen that can dramatically improve their quality of life.”

Lee agrees that the timing couldn't be better. “March is Scoliosis Awareness Month, and it's the perfect time to raise visibility for the condition as well as ways to ease back and joint pain,” she said. “Plus, I can talk first-hand about benefits of warm-water therapy and soaking in a hot tub.”

As part of the partnership with the Hot Tub Council, Ms. Lee will have a presence on the HotTubLiving.com Web site talking about her personal health challenges and how hot tubs have helped her recovery.

Lee also works with her foundation, the Jeanette Lee Foundation, to help raise money for the Women's Sports Foundation, serves as a Trustee for the Women's Sports Foundation and actively participates in fundraising events for various charities.