Blackwell Releases New Pool Novel

Hi, I'm Alan Blackwell, a pool player from Va. Beach, Va. And I've written a fictional novel about pool.  "The Summer of '79- A Pool Odyssey" is a 6X9 paperback with 238 pages.  To quote a customer review from Barnes& Noble, " If you love pool, you will love this book.  Non-stop action, good twisting story plot with surprise ending.  Loved the pool game descriptions."  This book was written by a pool player, for pool players, about pool players. It has a retail cover price of $15.95 and can be purchased wholesale from Outskirts Press at HTTP://
It can also be found on or under "Books".

The Summer of '79- A Pool Odyssey  synopsis;    Jesse Quantrell is abandoned as a child by his backwoods, dysfunctional family.  He's left to spend his formative years with the vets at the local VFW in Blackstone, West Virginia.  Here, he learns the game of pool from one of the vets, who is a retired road player and master of the game.

           The sociopathic Jesse breaks away and leaves ten years later, at the age of twenty, and embarks on his pool odyssey through the south, Follow this "Pool Wizard's" journey as he encounters many colorful characters and places, while sharing his passion for the game and hustling his way from town to town searching for the love and acceptance he so desperately longs for.

Al Blackwell has been an avid pool player since childhood.  He began playing in local tournaments and leagues an the mid 70's and is still actively playing in them today.  He resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia and plays regularly at Q-Master Billiards.  Al considers himself a student of the game and enjoys playing one-pocket, nine-ball, eight-ball and three cushion billiards.