Max Eberle Releases His First Instructional Book, ZEN POOL!

Max Eberle

Now pool players of all levels around the world can add ammunition to their arsenal of pool playing prowess with American Professional Max Eberle's new book, ZEN POOL Awaken the Master Within. The book had a very promising launch in Manila at last months World Pool Championship where Max was on hand to play in the qualifiers sponsored by the reigning World Lightweight Boxing Champion Manny “Pac Man” Pacquiao. One game shy of winning a coveted spot, a nine ball on the break by his Japanese opponent kept him tantalizingly close to playing in the Main Draw. So Max spent the week promoting, selling and personally signing copies of ZEN POOL for the many pool enthusiasts on hand in the Philippines.

So far reviews have been good; “It's an awesome book!” –Michael Strong, 20 year pool player Seattle, Washington. According to CJ Wiley, ESPN Ultimate 9-Ball Champion, “Max has developed a vast knowledge of pocket-billiards that not only works in theory, but on the table where it really counts. Learning his techniques will help the beginner all the way up to the more advanced player.” Will Soper of Arlington, Virginia says “Max's uncanny perspective to analyze and correct flaws in your playing will undoubtedly improve your game; his unique instructional style goes far beyond other pool methods and books in your relentless drive for perfection.”

In Zen Pool you can learn the techniques that have made Max Eberle Hollywood's “Instructor to the Stars,” stuff that Max has taught to his students including Hollywood Stars Johnny Knoxville of "Jackass" and the acting legend Kiefer Sutherland of many feature movies and the hit TV show "24," and that have landed him jobs shooting pool for Michael Jordan and Matthew Perry in a Hanes Commercial, ABC's Law and Order, and many feature films including technical advisor for the movie Electra starring Jennifer Garner. Max Eberle is a former Junior National Champion, 2-Time Collegiate national Champion, the 2005 West Coast 9-Ball Champion, and a 2006 WPA World Straight Pool Championship Semi-Finalist.

For more information about how Max Eberle's ZEN POOL can help your game and to place and have your own copy immediately downloaded onto your computer, visit Zen Pool is available now only as an e-Book, making it easy and fast to get this valuable information anywhere in the world. Hard copies may be available soon, and the e-Book version of ZEN POOL is here now!