Blood Is Thicker Than Water at Ride the 9 Tour

Thank you to Bo's for hosting another "J. Pechauer Ride The 9 Tour."

Thirty-one teams showed to support this handicapped Scotch Doubles 9-ball Fund-raiser for the family of Rene Claveau III, holding over $1,500 in cash and prizes.  

Ranulf Tumbla and new comer Mario Quejada, moved quickly through the winners' bracket, missing the hot-seat match by just one, placing 5/6th after falling to Ray Marotto and Van.

Ray and Van made a great showing as well, after losing to Bill Roberge and Dave Norton in the second match, only to meet up and fall to them again on the hill, but not before placing 3rd.

Stacie Bourbeau  and Ian McKelvey teamed up and played Danny Alonzo and Ryan Lineham first match.  Stacie, who won the March tournament (after double dipping for the win), worked the table with confidence, ease, and grace after just finishing 9th place in the BCA PL Women's Masters Singles in Vegas on Monday.  Ian and Stacie sent Danny and Ryan to the one-loss side first round.  However, Danny and Ryan were relentless in their pursuit for first place.  Giving two games to the next team, Tracy and Mark, Team Alonzo could have been in trouble.  However, they were victorious with their first shut-out 6-0.  Next match was to Rene (father to Rene III) and Donna, winning 6-2.  Another great showing, as Rene and Donna placed 17 out of 250+ teams in Vegas less than one month ago.  Next, to the hill with the owner of Bo's , Joshua Soulliere, for another victory with a break and run.  They continued next match with three break and runs against DJ and Jason wining 5-0 (another shut-out), then moving right along beating BTK (Billy the Kid) and Matt Procter.  They finally fell to Ray Marotto and Van to finish in 3rd Place from a First-round loss.

The Tenzin brothers (race to 6) were spectacular….   

They came out firing against two new comers Eric and Aaron, sailing their way through the winners' bracket to the hot seat.  They played effortlessly and synergistically. The brothers played Dave Norton and Bill Roberge (race to 5) in the Finals and were down 4-1 the first and only set.  Their smart play and excellent shot-making made for a great final match, winning the first Partner's Tournament by "J. Pechauer's Ride the 9 Tour."

Congrats to all!

1st:  Choneyi Tenzin & Tsephel (Seth) Tenzin        $350.00
2nd: David Norton & Bill Roberge            $280.00
3rd: Ray Marotto & Van                    $180.00
4th:  Danny Alonzo & Ryan Lineham            $110.00
5th: Billy Lanna (aka Billy the Kid/BTK) & Matt Procter    $80
5th:  Ranulf Tumbla & Mario Quejada            $80

See you for our season finale on June 5, 2011 at Bo's Billiards for our $1,000.00 "GUARANTEED" tournament.  Details at