Bob Letherby wins Derby 3-Cushion event

Bob Letherby and Tom Rossman

On the last day of competition in the Derby City Classic 3-Cushion event, Bob Letherby defeated Bob Lichtenberger by the score of 30 to 16, and Glen Dockstader won over Jeanette Lee 30 to 25. The final match proved too much for Glen as Bob coasted to victory by a score of 30 to 19. Bob also had the high run in the finals. Bob Letherby and Tom Rossman, the respective winners of the two USBA Qualifiers will now play in the USBA National Championships at New Wave Billiards in Miami, FL to be held February 8-12, 2006.

A special thanks to all the sponsors, including Schuler Cue, Diamond Table, Tom & Marty Rossman (Dr. Cue Promotions), James Barnett, Gabriel Table, Competition Sports, Joe Savarin, Paul Frankel (Professor-Q-Ball)