Reyes eliminated from Derby Banks, Gonzalez wins USBA Women’s Event

Mercedes Gonzalez dominated the field in the USBA Women's Championship

Round eight of the Derby City Classic Banks Division is now complete and play in the banks division is done for Sunday.

Round eight saw losses by players including Mike Davis, Dee Adkins, Allen Hopkins, John Schmidt, Shawn Putnam and Efren Reyes. Reyes lost to Tony Ferguson and combined with his loss to Brent Jackson in round four, Reyes is now eliminated from the banks division.

Sunday also saw the conclusion of the Women's USBA Championship. This 3 cushion event featured Mercedes Gonzalez, Olivia Lee, Jeanette Lee, Monica Webb, Helena Thornfeldt, Monica Webb and Ester Park competing in the round robin format. The event was won by Gonzalez, with Ester Park finishing 2nd and Jeanette Lee in third.

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Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe