Bobble Ball signs on as a Sponsor of the Viking Cue 9 Ball Tour

Anaheim, California September 2007 – The distributor of Bobble Ball, the egg shaped billiard ball, is pleased to announce its involvement and participation as a sponsor of the Viking Tour. Bobble Ball is a fun and unique product adding “Hand Billiard Bowling” games (which may be played without a cue stick) and “Tag Ball” games (which may be played with a cue stick) to the entrée of pool table games. will blend with the Viking Cue 9 Ball Tour's passion and dedication of introducing new players to the sport of billiards while at the same time challenging existing players to sharpen their skills even further.

Bobble Ball owners and inventors, Fred and Devra Robledo, are very enthusiastic about their involvement with the Viking Cue 9 Ball Tour as a new sponsor. “We both have played pool since childhood and enjoy the fun and challenges of pool. Since our conception of Bobble Ball games, we have played with both pool players and non pool players alike and the results are always the same: Players have a lot of fun and always want to play ‘just one more game' to see if they can better their skills. This addiction to playing pool is what we like to see.”

With 91 planned tour stops in 2007 and 141 in 2008, the Viking Cue 9 Ball Tour has planned events in such major markets as Atlanta, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Cincinnati, Charlotte, Knoxville, Greenville, Tampa and Dallas. The season is planned to wrap with the annual $25,000 National Championship in March of 2008. A variety of Bobble Balls will be available at the Viking Tour events and will be made available to try or purchase. Happy Bobbling!