OB1 Cue Shaft Signs on as a Sponsor of the 2007 Viking Cue 9 Ball Tour

Plano, Texas, March 12, 2007 - OB Cues and the OB1 Cue Shaft are pleased to announce their involvement and participation as a sponsor of the 2007 Viking Tour. As one of the leading North American 9 Ball Tours, the OB1 Cue Shaft fits right into the Viking Cue 9 Ball Tour's passion and dedication to all levels of players.

OB Cues co-owner, Royce Bunnell, commented from his shop in North Texas, "We are proud to join the Viking Tour as a sponsor. The Viking Cue 9 Ball Tour continues to be one of the most popular pool tours for both amateur and open pool players. We are extremely excited about this partnership."

With 91 planned tour stops in 2007, the Viking Cue 9 Ball Tour has planned events in such major markets as Atlanta, Chicago, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit, Cincinnati and Nashville. The season is planned to wrap with the annual $25,000 National Championship. A variety of OB1 Cue Shaft joint selections will be available at the Viking Tour events and will be made available to try or purchase.

OB1 Cue Shaft, of OB Cues, is the newest low deflection shaft on the market. The OB1 Cue Shaft stormed onto the scene with players of all levels raving about the shaft. The OB1 Cue Shaft has a vibration-dampening core, radial consistency and low cue ball deflection that's too amazing to believe. Try one today and feel the difference yourself.