Booth Availabilty Limited at Owen’s T-Town Classic

Gabe Owen tells us that there are only 3 booths left available for his upcoming (February 4-7) T-Town Classic One Pocket tournament. The booths are only $400 for the entire event and all of the booth fee goes straight into the prize fund. Says Gabe: "I am very excited and very proud to announce the first annual T-Town Classic, and would like to offer thanks to Mueller's and Magoo's for their support. If it wasn't for them this wouldn't be possible. I wanted to put on an event in the midwest and what better than the biggest solo 1 pocket tournament ($12,00 added) in the country! One pocket was invented in Oklahoma in the early 30's and I couldn't be happier than to have this event right here in Tulsa. At the moment I have 3 booths left and they will be set up at the front door so they are guaranteed that everyone will walk by them. Booths will set up Thursday and take down Sunday night."

Anyone interested in the opportunities offered a charter booth owner may contact Gabe
Owen via email: or by phone: 918-231-6753.