T-Town Classic Underway; Compton wins Ring Game

Chip Compton (Photo courtesy of Melinda Bailey)

Gabe Owen's T-Town Classic kicked off on Thursday night at Magoos in Tulsa, Oklahoma with eight players paying $500 each to compete in a ring 10-ball game.

Only the top two players would be paid at this event, and it was only by a technicality that Scott Frost was the 3rd place finisher as both he and Earl Strickland were eliminated in the same game. Frost ended up in third because he started that final game with  more money than Strickland.

The final two players, Chip Compton and Gabe Owen, were very close to each other in chip stacks. Compton had a small lead in chip stacks, but that went away quickly as Gabe won four games in a row to take a sizable lead. The bet was raised after that and just as quickly as Owen built that lead, he lost it again. All in all, it took approximately 45 minutes of heads up play before it was Chip Compton who held all of the chips.

Compton earned $3000 for the win, while Owen settled for $1000.

The main event kicked off on Friday with a veritable "whos who" of one pocket players competing. Notable names include Scott Frost, Owen, Strickland, Cliff Joyner, Jeremy Jones, Sylver Ochoa, Jose Parica and Rafael Martinez.

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