Brandon Charin wins Dominiak Cues Stop 6

oom owner P. Thamaraichelvan, Richard Barrette, Brandon Charin

The Dominiak Cues Northeast Amateur 10-Ball Tour stop #6 was held on Easter Sunday April 12th hosted by the popular London Billiards in Worcester, MA. A fiesty field of 19 players from throughout the northeast made the trek from Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York and Massachusetts in attempt to capture the title of the 6th Dominiak Cues tour stop of the season.

Many tour regulars were in attendence including Kevin Blackstock, Ken Debroske, Chuck Hill, Rob Francoeur, Gene Hunt, Mike Wheeler, Al Yagmin, Brandon Charin, Jonah Okun, Kevin Sun and Joe Sobowicz. This tour stop saw many new faces in attendence as well, we welcomed Richard Barrette, Gary Chen and his girl Annie, David Bowden, Jolie Brancaccio, Pot Danh and Duane Renzi to the tour.  Two women and junior Kevin Sun took advantage of the free entry for both women and juniors on all tour stops.

The day started off with a festive atmosphere on easter sunday, but once the bell rang to start the double elimination format the game faces were on! We extended the race to 5 on the winners side and 4 on the loosers side since we had a shorter field because of the holiday.  As the day went on we saw Brandon Charin make his way through top half of the winners side brackets with wins over Jolie Brancaccio, Justin Kesler, Pot Danh and Richard Barrette to take his spot in the one set race to 6 finals finals. On the botton half of the winners side it was Richard Barrette making his way through the field with wins over Annie, Rob Francoeur and Ken DeBroske, but only to get sent to the loosers side by Brandon in the hot seat match.

Meanwhile making his way steadily through the 1 loss side of the chart and battling to win some hill/hill matches after a first round loss was Joe Sobowicz. Next up for Joe was Kevin Blackstock who had just defeated the always tough Chuck Hill, and Kevin also had the finals in his sights after a second place finish at the last tour stop. Kevin defeated Joe in a close match to hold Joe to a hard fought 4th place finish.  Next up for Kevin was Richard Barrette who also wanted a shot at Brandon again in the finals. A hill/hill match ended with Richard on top when Kevin came up a bit short on position and missed a tough cut. The finals match would be a rematch between Brandon Charin and Richard Barrette and this proved to be a closely contested battle, as was their earlier winners side match. Brandon made some nice outs early on to take a 3-0 lead in the race to 6 finals, but in game 4 Brandon hung the 10 ball and opened the door for Richard to come through. The next game went to Richard as well making it 3-2 and the battle was on! But in the end Brondon was able to take advantage of a couple unforced errors and take home the title to tour stop #6 with a finals score of 6-4. Congrats to the top finishers and all the players that attended for a great Easter Sunday of pool!

Our next tour stop will be held at Snookers Billiards in Springfield, MA on Sunday April 26th. Doors open for practice at 11am.  All amateurs are encouraged to come out and play on the tour. All league players are eligible as well as all non-pro players. Women and Juniors (under 18) recieve free entry and only pay $10 table time.

We would like to once again thank Bill Dominiak for sponsoring the tour.

We would also like to thank Jeff at League Shirts for co-sponsoring the tour.

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Hope to see you at the next tour stop!