Brothers over Krah at Mezz Pro Am Tour Stop

Matt Krah, owner Mike Nardo and Josh Brothers

Mezz Pro-Am Tour made its way to Main Line Billiards on Sunday September 12, 2010. I woud like to thank Mike Nardo, owner of Main Line Billiards, for hosting the event. A strong field came out to play including players like:  Josh Brothers, Matt Krah, Manny Chau, Bruce Nagle, Rob Hart, Scott Freeman, and Joe DiPietro.

Leading the top half of the bracket was Josh Brothers with wins over Adbellatif Chamseddine 7-3, Derek Schwager 7-2, Shaun Dobson 7-3 and Manny Chau 7-2.  Leading the bottom half of the bracket was Matt Krah with wins Mark Steward 7-4, Samantha Miskevich 7-0, Don Steele 7-2, and Scott Freeman 7-3.

Playing for the hot seat was Matt Krah and Josh Brothers. This was a one sided match with Josh Brothers winning easily 7-1 and sending Matt Krah to the one loss side.  Waiting for Matt Krah on the one lost side was Manny Chau. This was a great match that went hill hiil before Krah won 7-6 to get back to the finals.

In the finals it was Matt Krah vs Josh Brothers, Matt Krah had to beat Josh Brothers twice to win the event. The first set was good but it was Josh Brothers pulling off the win 7-5 and the event.  I would like to thank all the sponsors and all the players that came out to play.