Brothers takes Hampton Ridge 9-Ball Stop

Josh Brothers with Max and girlfriend Pam Treadway

The 12th Stop of the Hampton Ridge 9-Ball Tour was held at Classic Billiards in Phoenixville PA, Special thanks to Max for supervising the event. This event was a tune up for some in preparation for the US Open which starts on Monday.

Leading the way on the winners side was Josh Brothers and Eddie Abraham.

Battling on the top half and the bottom half of the bracket to see who moves on and who ends up in 5th were Al Waldo and Scott Sutterby. Al took control from the beginning and ran away with the match 7-0. On the bottom half of the of the bracket it was Tom Bow and Mike Miller, Mike Miller was in dead stroke winning his match easily 7-1 leaving Tom to share 5th place.

Al Waldo and Mike Miller just came off big wins now they both have to face each other with the winner moving on and the loser finishing in 4th place. Mike Miller jumped ahead 4-0 but Al fought back winning the next 7 games to win the match 7-4.

On the winners side it was Eddie Abraham Vs Josh Brothers to see who would get the hot seat. It was a great match going back and forth. It was 4 -4 when Josh just pulled away giving him the win 7-4.

Eddie Abraham now had to go to the one loss side and face Al Waldo. Eddie got into stroke early and never looked back winning the match 7-1 leaving Waldo in 3rd place.

In the finals it was Josh Brothers Vs Eddie Abraham, Josh won the first 3 games but Eddie fought back and took the next 4 games, Josh then took the next 3 games giving him a 6-4 lead but Eddie wasn't giving up that easily. Eddie won the net 2 games to tie the match at 6-6 in a race to nine. The next two games went back and forth then Josh got a couple of rolls giving him both games and the match 9-7.

1st Josh Brothers
2nd Eddie Abraham
3rd Al Waldo
4th Mike Miller
5th Tom Bow, Scott Sutterby