Brothers wins relocated Hampton Ridge stop

A power failure at Planet Pool in Limerick didn't stop the 8th stop of the Hampton Ridge 9 ball tour. The tournament was held at Classic Billiards in Phoenixville PA. A Special thanks to Cindy Lee, Steve Choy, and man's best friend Max for hosting the event. Once again a strong field came together. Led by Josh Brothers, Phil Sherman, Eddie Abraham, Randy Schwager, just to name a few of the great players at hand.

On the top half of the bracket, Eddie Abraham came out strong beating the likes of Paul Libois 7-3, Joel Ehling 7-5, Matt Krah 7-4 and Bob Begey 7-4, before being knocked into the one lost side by Phil Sherman 7-3. The bottom half of the bracket was lead by Phil Sherman, who beat the likes of Scott Devecchio 7-4, Bob Weimer 7-1, Josh Brothers 7-5, Jack Weltch 7-5 and Eddie Abraham 7-3 to get to the hot seat.

All the action was on the one lost side, fighting to see who moves on and who gets 7th & 8th on the top half of the bracket was Pete Calabrese and Josh Brothers. Josh won the match 7-6 leaving Pete at 7th & 8th. On the bottom half of the bracket it was Randy Schwager and Justin Venna. Randy won the match 7-3 leaving Justin 7th & 8th.

The next round was for 5th & 6th top half was Josh Brothers and Bob Begey, Josh won the match 7-3 moving him to the next round and leaving Bob in 5th & 6th. The bottom half of the bracket was Randy Schwager and Jack Weltch, Randy won the match easily 7-2 leaving Jack in 5th & 6th.

Next round was between Josh Brothers and Randy Schwager, Randy woke up a little to late and before you knew it the match was over leaving Josh with the win 7-4 and giving Randy 4th place.

The next round was to see who would be play Phil Sherman in the final it was between Eddie Abraham and Josh Brothers, Josh was in stroke and easily taking control of the match winning 7-2. To get back to the finals.

Phil Sherman and Josh Brothers in the finals it was a great match going back and forth after 12 racks the score was 6 to 6, Josh ran out the 13th rack giving him a 7-6 lead in a race to 9. In the 14th rack Phil missed a 3 ball in the side leaving the table for Josh to run out. In the 15th rack Josh made a great shot on the one leaving him a 2-9 combo and the win 9-6. Great matches were played and again this was all made possible by the staff at Classic Billiards.

1st Josh Brothers
2nd Phil Sherman
3rd Eddie Abraham
4th Randy Schwager
5th & 6th Bob Begey & Jack Weltch
7th & 8th Pete Calabrese & Justin Venna