Brucato wins his own Western New York Tour stop

Nick Brucato won four straight matches at his own Western New York Tour stop on Saturday, March 10. It was enough to win the $150-added event, which drew 10 entrants to Six Pockets in Rochester, NY.

Awarded one of the six byes in the opening round, Brucato went on to defeat Hiro Kanaya 6-4 in the event's second round, and move among the winners' side final four, where he faced Andre Ianello, also a recipient of a first round bye and a 4-2 winner over John Kobe. Roger Jackson, who'd defeated Chris Jones 4-2 in an opening round, went on to defeat Steve Hoyt 4-3, to meet Phil Johnson (opening round bye and a 5-2 victory over Don Perdy) among the final four winners.

Brucato defeated Ianello 6-3 and moved into the hot seat match against Johnson, who'd sent Jackson west 5-2. Brucato got into the hot seat with a 6-4 win over Johnson and waited for him to get back from the semifinals.

On the loss side, Ianello picked up Perdy, who'd defeated Jose Montez 4-3, and Steve Hoyt 4-2.   Jackson picked up Kanaya, who'd drawn a bye on the loss side and then defeated John Kobe 4-2. By identical scores of 4-2, Jackson eliminated Kanaya and Ianello defeated Perdy. Ianello took the quarterfinal match against Jackson that followed, also 4-2.

Ianello was a single match away from meeting Brucato a second time, but Johnson spoiled his chance, taking the semifinal by a score of 5-2, and earning the re-match himself. Brucato completed his four-match, undefeated run with a second victory over Johnson 6-3.

Brucato thanked the ownership and staff at Six Pockets for their hospitality as well as Ink.sp for their $200 (total) donation to the prize fund of both the main event and the break and run contest. Phil Johnson's name was drawn to compete in that break and run event, and failed to make a ball. The prize fund for the next contest will be $195. The Western New York Tour is looking forward to an event in new room - Diamond Bar & Grill in Rockport, NY - schedule for April 14th.