Bryant wins Glass City Open

Charlie Bryant

Charlie Bryant completed an undefeated run to win the 2004 Glass City Open.

Bryant started the day on Sunday with a 10-4 win over Danny Basavich and then got comfortable waiting for his opponent in the finals. That opponent would again be Basavich after Basavich's 10-2 domination of Corey Deuel on the one-loss side. In that match, Basavich took control early and ran out every chance he got.

Basavich came out strong in the finals and took an early 4-1 lead, but Bryant clawed back into the match and won nine of the last eleven games for a 10-6 win. Bryant, known for his explosive break, had to change his tactics for the finals. "I usually just like to reach back and fire on the break, but with the corner ball going in each rack I had to go to the soft break. I hate that soft break but you can't argue with what is working. "

Bryant earned $8000 for first place, while Basavich settled for $5000. Deuel and Troy Frank filled out the top four spots.

Brackets are complete with all the matches and we have two online photo galleries from the event. Look for more pics to be added to the gallery late Sunday or early Monday.

Complete Results:
1st Charlie Bryant $8000
2nd Danny Basavich $5000
3rd Corey Deuel $3500
4th Troy Frank $2500
5th/6th Earl Strickland, Steve McAnish $1750
7th/8th Buddy Hall, Johnny Archer $1500
9th/12th Bob Brown, Jeremy Jones, Nick Varner, Keith McCready $1000
13th/16th Jeff Carter, Jason Kirkwood, Jeff Pilon, Shawn Putnam $750
17th/24th Rodney Morris, Brandon Ashcraft, James Baraks, Jeff Hoecksema, Shawn Miller, Fabio Petroni, David Matlock, Chuck Altomare $537
25th/32nd John Binion, Larry Nevel, Ryan McCreesh, Tim Hall, Mark Jarvis, Josh Brothers, Tommy Kennedy, Gabe Owen $400

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics By Hoppe