Bryant Wins Inaugural Houston Classic 10-Ball Event

Charlie Bryant, Ming Ng and Sylver Ochoa

The Houston Classic Lone Star Event hosted by Bogies Billiards & Sports Bar was an utter success with 105 total entries and two days of non-stop action. The NEW ANNUAL HOUSTON CLASSIC boasted $3,350 added with a payout totaling over $10,000.

There were 64 players in the Open 10-Ball event that played down to the final 16 for day two. Sunday, Doug Young ousted Ernesto Bayaua 9-8, Lanny Herrin defeated Denis Strickland 9-2, Charlie Bryant dusted Nick Hood 9-6 and Sylver Ochoa bested Danny Roland 9-2. The one loss side yielded Jason Brown over Barry Strickland, Brent Thomas defeated Robert Demetro, Derek Fontenot escaped Larry Wilson, and Denis Strickland eliminated John Newsome. Towards the end, Bryant captured the winner's bracket 9-5 over Young while Ochoa and Hood fought their way back. Ochoa eliminated Hood 7-3 and Young 7-6 but was halted by Bryant in the final match.

The One Pocket event yielded 21 players with $600 added.  Sylver Ochoa claimed the hot seat over Jason Brown 3-2. Charlie Bryant then eliminated Brown but fell to Ochoa in the final 3-1.

Congratulations to Ming Ng who captured the Ladies 9-Ball event with 14 entrants, and Joey Torres who snapped off the Juniors 9-Ball event.

We would like to thank our sponsors, Poison Cues, Delta-13 Rack,,, and Barnett Ranching. Also, congratulations to Jim Henry who won the beautiful Poison AX5 cue raffle!

The Lone Star Tour would like to recognize Sgt. Nick Chirco, wife Doraine and son Keith who came all the way from Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas to visit the Lone Star Tour, bringing with them WPBA Pro Liz Taylor. We thank them for making the trek and especially for Sgt. Chirco's outstanding service in the U.S. Army.   

The next Lone Star Event is at Skinny Bob's Billiards in Round Rock, Texas on November 6th-7th.  

Open Payouts:
1st          Charlie Bryant $980
2nd         Sylver Ochoa $620
3rd          Doug Young $420
4th          Nick Hood $300
5th-6th     Lanny Herrin, Denis Strickland $230
7th-8th     Danny Roland, Derek Fontenot $190
9th-12th     Jason Brown, Brent Thomas, Ernesto Bayaua, John Newsome $110
13th-16th     Barry Strickland, Robert Demetro, Larry Wilson, Richard Rodriguez             $80

One Pocket Payout:
1st          Sylver Ochoa $640
2nd         Charlie Bryant $450
3rd         Jason Brown $280
4th         Jerald Jackson $120
5th-6th     Derek Fontenot, Denis Strickland, $80

Ladies Payouts:
1st         Ming Ng $330
2nd         Terry Petrosino $240
3rd         Kim Pierce $160   
4th         Courtney Peters $80

1st         Joey Torres $60
2nd         Robyn Petrosino