Jones takes two on the Lone Star Tour, Ng claims Ladies event

Charlie Bryant and Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones won both the $1,000-added, 10-ball Open and the $300-added One Pocket events of the Lone Star Tour stop on the weekend of June 19-20. Ming Ng took first in the $450-added Ladies event. Hosted by Q Stix Billiards in Houston, TX, the 10-ball Open event drew 54 entrants.  There were 21 ladies on hand for their event, and 11 competitors vying for the One-Pocket prize. 

As the Open event narrowed down to 12 players on Sunday afternoon, the two finalists – Jones and Charlie Bryant – met for the first time among the winners' side final eight.  Jones took his first of two against Bryant 9-5 and moved among the final four winners to face Sylver Ochoa.  Billy Sharp, who sent Jason Bacon west faced Ty Few, who'd gotten by Cesar Bahena.  Jones moved into the hot seat match with 9-6 win over Ochoa, as Sharp defeated Few 9-7 to join him.  Jones got into the hot seat with an 8-5 win over Sharp. 

Bryant's trek back to the finals began with a double hill win over Ernesto Bayaua. He followed that with a 7-2 victory over Andy Jethwa, that set him up to face Few, coming over from the winners' side final four.  Denis Strickland, in the meantime, had ended Bahena's day 7-5 and survived a double hill battle against Bacon, to pick up Ochoa.  Few battled Bryant to double hill before dropping into the tie for fifth place, as Ochoa got by Strickland 7-4. Bryant would give up only three racks in the next two matches; two against Ochoa in the quarterfinals, and one against Sharp in the semifinals. 

Bryant was struggling with some pain as he headed into the Open finals, and accepted the courtesy of having someone else rack for him. It didn't stop him from putting up a fight in those finals, though. He and Jones battled back and forth to a 4-4 tie, before Jones put two together to take a 6-4 lead. Bryant came back to tie it at 6-6 and they traded games to 7-7. Jones won the last two to take the first place prize. 

Ng took first place in the Ladies event, after defeating Terry Petrofino 7-2 in the finals. Deanna Kniola finished third, with Kyu Yi in fourth. Angela Martinez and Courtney Peters tied for fifth place, picking up the last of the money prizes for the Ladies event. Jones took home the first place prize in the One-Pocket event, as well, when Bryant opted out of the finals to take second.  Bayaua finished third. 

1st Jeremy Jones $780
2nd Charlie Bryant $520
3rd Billy Sharp $390
4th Sylver Ochoa $260
5th Ty Few $145
Denis Strickland
7th Andy Jethwa  $100
Jason Bacon
Ernesto Bayaua
Cesar Bahena

1st Ming Ng  $280
2nd Terry Petrosino  $200
3rd Deanna Kniola  $145
4th Kyu Yi  $60
5th Angela Martinez  $40
Courtney Peters 

1st Jeremy Jones $600
2nd Charlie Bryant $350
3rd Ernesto Bayaua $150