Bucais defeats Morra for Canadian 30K Win

Marc Bucais and John Morra

It was Tony's first time at Millie's (Jeff Taverner)and I must say that the overall experience was excellent. It's a great room with atmosphere and very nice equipment (9-footers, 8-footers, 12 footers and an assortment of arcade games and computers for on-line use). They also have one of the nicest outdoor patios we've seen around the area and offer seasonal games like badminton and beach volley-ball. We can't forget about the service as Lisa and Claire did a great job.

The tournaments competition was strong today as many places had tournaments including the Qualifiers in Burlington, King of the Hill in Oshawa, and the golf swing was in full center with such a beautiful day. It was a one day event for us.

On the top of the A-side bracket John Morra (9+) defeated Glen Lee (5+) 9-3. And Marc Bucais (6) defeated Chris Jenkins (8+) 6-7 (match was 6-9)

The match for the “Hot Seat” was on, and the youngster Marc Bucais (6) defeated John Morra (9+) 6-7 (match was 6-10) sending Morra to the B-side to grind it out.

On the one-loss side top bracket Chris Jenkins (8+) defeated Jimmy Toupin (7+) 8-5 and Jimmy Toupin finished 5/6th.

On the bottom bracket of the one-loss side Glen Lee (5+) defeated McEarl Bucais on a double hill match 6-6 McEarl finished 5/6th.

Glen Lee (5+) went on to defeat Chris Jenkins (8+) 5-6 only to be routed by John Morra (9+) 9-3. Chris Jenkins finishes 4th and Glen Lee 3rd.

The battle for first place was on and it proved to be Marc Bucais day as he takes the 30th stop of the Canadian 30K Tour defeating John Morra 6-7 on a 6-10 race.

Congratulations Marc Bucais, I believe Alex started this way too.

Next week we are going to Dunlop Billiards in Barrie, hope to see you all there take care.