John Morra edges Klatt for Canadian 30K win

Jason Klatt and John Morra

Back to back at Shooters same shooter takes win after a double hill-hill match that kept all at the edge of their seats. Worthy till the last drop some people said!!

A week after winning the Stan James, John Morra was triumphant once again winning the 32nd stop of the Canadian 30K Tour. Here is a young man who is establishing himself as one of the premier 9 ball players in Canada.

In the finals of the A side John Morra (9+) went undefeated sending Mike Patrowicz (7) to grind it out on the one loss side.

After losing in the third round of the A side to Rob Brandenburg (8+) Jason Klatt (9+) worked his way through the one loss side coming out on top and earning the opportunity to play in the final.

The final was action packed with Morra taking an early lead of 4-0, but Klatt was not about to fold up, he bore down and came back tying the score. It was game for game after that and with the score being 8-8 on a race to 9 it was Klatt who made good and won the first match of this true double elimination.

The second game was identical to the first with Morra taking an early lead and Klatt tying it up to come to another double hill match but it was John Morra who would come out triumphant winning 9-8.

John Morra won the stop with Jason Klatt taking 2nd. On the one loss side Mike Patrowicz (7) finished 3rd and Tyler Nearing finished 4th. It was Tony Lai (7) and Rob Brandenburg (8+) bringing up the rear finishing 5/6th.