Young Gun Morra Wins Canadian 30K Tour Stop

John Morra

A strong field of fourty players gathered at Pool Paradise for the end of year event with the Canadian 30K Tour, and in the end of the day a young gun emerged as the event winner.

Top players in the field included Cornelius, DJ, Patrowicz, Fisher, Brandenburg, Shognosh, Jansen, McDonald, Lougheed, Lohmer, Huang, The Morra's, Hjorleifson, Claus, Martin and many more.

The field was whittled down to eight players who would cash in this event. On the A side it was Rob Brandenburg vs. Harvey Shognosh (match is 9-8) and Rob won 9-6. The bottom of the A side was John Morra vs. Jeff Lohmer (match is 10-8) and John prevailed with a 10-1 score. Wow!!

Next we had Rob Brandenburg vs. John Morra for the “Hot Seat” (match is 9-10) and Rob sendt young John Morra to grind the one loss side by the score of 9-6.

On the one loss side was Pahd Shognosh 5+ vs. Jack Bryan 6 (match is 6-7) and Pahd won 6-5. Jack took 7/8th. Mike Patrowicz vs. Mario Morra (match is 7-9) and Patrowicz prevailed 7-5 to send Mario to the seats tied for 7/8th.

The brothers Shognosh were forced to go at it and Harvey Shognosh prevailed 9-3 over Pahd Shognosh. Pahd settled for 5/6th. Jeff Lohmer vs. Mike Patrowicz (match is 8-7) and Jeff rolled over Mike 8-2. Mike took 5/6th.

Jeff Lohmer vs. Harvey Shognosh (match is 8-9) and Jeff is the winner 8-5. Harvey took 4th.

Next was B side final and John Morra vs. Jeff Lohmer (match is 10-8). John Morra was firing on all cylinders and scored a repeat 10-1 score to send a message.

John Morra took the bridge back to the A side to face the player that sent him to the B side and stops to reload 5 minutes.

Action got underway and John took the first set by a 10-7 score to force a second set in the finals. After a short pause, the tourney resumed and John did one better and defeated a good player by a 10-6 score for the tournament win.

Final payouts:
1- John Morra $ 1250.00 ** Calcutta
2- Rob Brandenburg $ 850.00 ** Calcutta
3- Jeff Lohmer $ 500.00 ** Calcutta
4- Harvey Shognosh $ 340.00 ** Calcutta
5- Pahd Shognosh $ 80.00
6- Mike Patrowicz $ 80.00
7- Mario Morra $ 50.00
8- Jack Bryan $ 50.00