Callado twins battle it out on Tiger West Coast Women’s Tour

Twin sisters Eleanor and Emilyn Callado battled twice in the Tiger West Coast Women's Tour stop on the weekend of October 15-16; once in the hot seat, and again in the finals. Elder sister (by minutes) Eleanor won both times to capture her third event title on the 2011 tour. The $250-added event drew 43 entrants to Family Billiards in San Francisco, CA.

From among the winners' side final four, Eleanor sent Leslie Bernardi to the loss-side 7-3, as Emilyn was busy sending Bonnie Plowman over 7-4. In their first of two, the twin sisters battled to double hill before Eleanor prevailed to gain the hot seat.

On the loss-side, it was Cony Mendoza advancing past Carolyn Koo in a double hill match and Khanh Ngo 5-3 to face Plowman. Bernardi drew Tracey Palma, who'd defeated Ginger Bowman in a double hill match and shut out Marina Cole

Plowman advanced to the quarterfinals by shutting out Mendoza, as Bernardi ended Palma's day 5-3. Plowman then allowed Bernardi only a single rack in those quarterfinals and turned to face Callado (Emilyn).

Emilyn defeated Plowman 5-3 in the semifinals to earn a second chance against her slightly older sister. It was a twin sister re-match of a finals that played out in the same room in the 2010 season, with the same end result. It took Eleanor two sets in 2010, but only one – 7-5 – this time, to capture the event title.