Canadian Cue Sports Championships Day 2

Canadian Cue Sports Championships Day 2

Day two of the Canadian Junior 9-Ball Championships is complete and the field has been whittled from 20 to just 6. On the A-side this morning, Jason Thomas (NB) and Tom Morel (ON) each survived hill-hill scares, Morel coming from 8-3 down to defeat Jody Swim (NS) 9-8. However, their glory was short lived as Thomas was then dispatched to the one loss side by Jason Klatt (MB) and Morel lost to Chris McKenzie (NS). Klatt and McKenzie remain the only two undefeated players going into the final day. On the B-side, Desmond Csyani (ON) arrived late for his match and began 3-0 down to Billy Peters (ON). Csyani fought valiantly to tie the score at hill apiece and was poised to complete the comeback before scratching while pocketing the 8 ball in the final rack. Jessica MacInnis (NS) slayed another Alberta junior, Michael Collins, by a 7-2 score, but she eventually fell to Saskatewan's Moses Cappo. Four now remain with one loss - Jason Thomas, Tom Morel, Jody Swim, and Billy Peters. Play will complete on Wednesday.

The round robin section of the Snooker division is winding down and will be complete late on Tuesday. Wednesday morning will dawn with sixteen players moving into the single elimination final stage of the division.

Here are the round robin results as of early Tuesday evening...
Group A
Kirk Stevens (ON) def Gary Austin (AB) 4-1
Kristal McLeod (NS) def Wayne Araki (BC) 4-1
Kirk Stevens (ON) def Mike Vanbuskirk (NB) 4-1
Gary Austin (AB) def Wayne Araki (BC) 4-1
Kristal McLeod (NS) def Mike Vanbuskirk (NB) 4-0
Kirk Stvens (ON) def Wayne Araki (BC) 4-0
Kristal McLeod (NS) def Gary Austion (AB) 4-2

Group B
Cliff Thorburn (ON) def Jim Campbell (NS) 4-0
Floyd Zeigler (ON) def Dave Strachan (MB) 4-0
Dave Strachan (MB) def Jim Campbell (NS) 4-2
Floyd Zeigler (ON) def Jim Campbell (NS) 4-1

Group C
Alan Robidoux (PQ) def Alex Pagulayan (ON) 4-3
Bill Martin (NS) def Stuart McCarroll (ON) 4-2
Alan Robidoux (PQ) def Stuart McCarroll (ON) 4-0
Alex Pagulayan (ON) def Bill Martin (NS) 4-0
Alex Pagulayan (ON) def Stuart McCarroll (ON) 4-0

Group D
Tom Finstad (AB) def Ken Shea (NS) 4-3
Ken Shea (NS) def Charlie Brown (BC) 4-2
Tom Finstad (AB) def Greg Harder (MB) 4-0
Charlie Brown (BC) def Greg Harder (MB) 4-2
Greg Harder (MB) def Ken Shea (NS) 4-1

Group E
Daryl Wouters (SK) def Bob Miller (NS) 4-0
Mike Abou Dahar (AB) def Daryl Wouters (SK) 4-2
Odie Willet (ON) def Bob Miller (NS) 4-1
Mike Abou Dahar (AB) def Bob Miller (NS) 4-0
Odie Willet (ON) def Mike Abou Dahar (AB) 4-3

Group F
Jeff Kennedy (NB) def Frederic Hebert (PQ) 4-0
Frederic Hebert (PQ) def Fern Loyer (ON) 4-2
Jeff Kennedy (NB) def Duane Demas (AB) 4-0
Duane Demas (AB) def Fern Loyer (ON) 4-1
Frederic Hebert (PQ) def Duane Demas (AB) 4-0

Group G
Jason Williams (ON) def Robert Azevedo (NB) 4-0
Mark Johnston (ON) def Ray Saunders (NS) 4-3
Mark Johnston (ON) def Robert Azevedo (NB) 4-2
Robert Azevedo (NB) def Ray Saunders (NS) 4-3

High Run - Tom Finstad 128