Casinos Continue as Sponsors for Pool

In an age where pool is in need of new energy from new sponsors it is not that difficult to spot the potential companies who may be interested in such sponsorships. Casinos have always been great sponsors of pool and now a new segment of that industry, online gaming, is beginning to make their presence known.

While online gaming is yet to be legalized across the USA, it is making inroads quickly. According to Forbes at least three states have now legalized it and eight more are currently considering allowing the practice within their borders. The tax dollars are a great attraction for the Staes.

Overseas this surge is heavily underway. According to the BBC the UK online gambling community surged from 5.6 Billion Pounds in 2010 to 7.1 Billion Pounds in 2014. That is hefty growth in a world of stagnant financial markets.  But we have seen Party sponsor the Mosconi Cup for years now, even when the event is in the USA, and they have been joined by many others, including, Ladbrokes, William Hill, and many others.

Now the industry is spreading out to encompass other areas, including mainstream games like Monopoly where you can play with real money. For an idea of how this expansion looks today just visit NetBet and take a long look around. There is something there to suit every taste.

The reason that casinos, online or land-based, are interested in pool is that pool fans are by and large risk-takers. They enjoy a good bet with their games and they enjoy sweating the action when they watch the pros play. So the two industries are complementary.

Look for more sponsorships for pool from the Gaming industry. Our former main sponsors, alcohol and tobacco, have been legislated out of advertising and sponsoring pool, but gaming is just getting started and is growing fast.