Online Gaming Enjoys Great Growth, Partners With Pool

Pool fans who spend any time on the tournament trail have no doubt visited in the casinos that host our sport. The reason so many league National Championships are in Las Vegas or other gaming cities is because the casinos recognize their kind of people in the risk-takers who enjoy the adrenalin rush whether provided by the drop of the last 9 ball or the appearance of that final ace.

More betting is moving online every year. A quick search turned up statistics from the European Commission that show that online gaming revenues increased by 30% from 2010 to 2013 alone. That kind of growth is hard to ignore, and the allure is quite obvious. There is no need to go out for that rush anymore, you can grab it right in your easy chair with your keyboard on your lap.

The offers these casinos are making are certainly one big reason for their growth. And that growth is amazing world-wide. A neutral source of statistics, offers a chart that shows that international online gaming has grown from a market of 7.4 billion dollars in 2003 to over 41.4 billion in 2015. These stats are even more impressive when compared to the anemic growth rate of national economies worldwide. The World Bank is a great source for this info. They have a table of all economic growth as measured by GDP available at As the chart there clearly shows, the gaming industry is considerably outpacing general economic growth.

The bookies tend to be pretty accurate when setting odds, even on a sport like pool where you would expect them to have very little expertise. As this year’s Mosconi Cup Betway had the odds at 2/5 for a Euro win and 15/8 for the Yanks to pull it off. I would have put the odds much closer than that and would have been wrong, so I have to give credit to the oddsmakers,

So how do those new to the online gaming market become intelligent consumers? When looking for whatever details a potential customer could be seeking we found a UK site: Top 10 Best Online Casinos. They go out and research sites to find those who have interesting games that are unique to their site. They explain themes and game structures and they take into account such variations as functionality, diversity, return on investment, jackpot potential and fun factor as well as the speed and ease of play of each game. They also give advice that newcomers would do well to heed. They recommend sites that allow you to play their games with play money. You do not stand the chance of actually winning a cash jackpot but you do get to hone your craft their and develop your own strategies and playing style. You will enjoy your gaming more if your learning curve only costs you some pride.

Think of the hurdles this clears. You no longer have to rely on subjective word of mouth to choose a gaming partner. You can, on one page, see a list of the top ten casinos as rated by experts on a number of issues. In addition to an easy-to-read Star Rating System, the site drills down to many details. They disclose the best cash bonuses available and the payout percentage stats for each site.

The Star Rating System is based on factors such as overall customer satisfaction, safety, integrity, bonus sizes and terms, the variety of available games and their special features and promotions. The site gets to help the casinos in this area as they contact them and ask for specials for customers who reach them through the site. Because the various offerings of casinos vary with time the list changes as frequently as needed to keep their visitors current. None of the information offered is out of date. So if you are considering joining the online gaming community, remember that much of your homework has already been done for you by sources on the net. Take advantage of their work.