Cha Sisters Dominate Viking Ladies Event

Yuram Cha

It wasn't a month ago that Korean Pool Stars Yuram Cha and Bo Ram Cha played in their final events in Korea before coming over to American to take on the top female stars. Their American quest got it's start at The Viking Cue Women's 9-Ball Tour stop at The Pool Room in Duluth, Ga.

Cha and Cha were joined in the field by such notables as Stephanie Mitchell, Susan Wade and Lara Rossignol. As expected, the Cha sisters dominated the field and met up in the match for the hot-seat. Yu Ram is the #1 ranking player in Korea and she displayed that ability with a 7-2 win over sister Bo Ram.

Bo Ram had a small stay on the one loss side and a 7-4 win over Stephanie Mitchell.

The final Cha Sister match was closer than the first, but it still came out to a 7-5 win for Yu Ram; most likely the first of many in America.