Chamat Ousts Buck

Marcus Chamat "in for the kill" Foto: EPBF/AMM

“Napoleon” to be the first man in the final of the Dynamic Hungary Open

Saturday, 01 October 2011: In a match that showed no winner for a long time, Marcus Chamat (SWE) defeated Markus Buck (GER) by a whisker with 8:7.

What a tragic end for Markus Buck and his “Cinderella” story at this Euro-Tour in Hungary, as commentator Marco Takis called it. Markus Buck was playing at equal strength with his opponent, long time European top player Chamat. In the 12th rack when the score was 6:5 in favour of Chamat, the Swede played a tricky push-out and left a shot for his opponent. Markus Buck who seemed to have no nerves gripped his chance and tied the match at 6:6. “I had to land exactly for that ball, otherwise I would have hooked myself”, said Chamat after the match. “I know the outcome of it looked really bad but it was a tricky push out”.

In the next rack, Buck was almost on his way to the hill when he missed a makeable 5-ball and left the table for Chamat. Coming into the table, Chamat pocketed the 5-ball to find himself in a very tough position for the 6-ball. But with all his experience, he pocketed also that difficult shot and ran the rack to get on the hill first. The 14th rack saw Marcus Chamat breaking the balls. The 2-ball went down and everything was in the open for “Napoleon” to clear all balls and win the match. But he scratched and played a foul on the 1-ball. That unexpectedly brought Buck back to the table.

And again, Mr. No-Nerves ran all balls, tying the match hill-hill at 7:7. That's when the drama unfolded. Buck broke the balls in the final rack and the 1-ball went in on the break. He played a very tough position shot and just landed perfect and the 3-ball. He pocketed the 3-ball and had to play the 4-ball with a hard shot and very low English since it was hanging over the pocket and he would not have got position for the 5-ball if he would have played it differently. Then Buck miscued and completely missed the 4-ball, committing a foul and giving ball-in-hand for Chamat to finish the match in his favour. “I felt sorry for him” admitted Chamat later, “it was a terrible miscue”. “It was not easy for him to get position on the 5-ball so he had to play the cue ball with maximum low English”.

The next semi-final between Ralf Souquet (GER) and Jayson Shaw (SCO) is coming and. In that match, the opponent for Chamat in the final match will be determined.

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