Worung Ousts Costa in a Thriller

Jimmy Worung (NED) Foto:EPBF/DK

9-ball competition down to quarter finals

Friday, 12 August 2011: In a match that was characterised by many unforced errors, Jimmy Worung (NED) remained victorious over Paulo Costa (POR) with 9:7.

In the beginning of the match, both players seemed to be very focussed and ambitious to reach the quarter finals. They played nearly without mistakes until the score was 3:2 for Worung. Then the long days took a toll on them both. They started missing relatively easy shots and made unforced errors that cost them both some racks. In the 7th and the 9th rack, Costa missed the 9-ball and left it hanging over the pocket for his opponent. He then took a time-out and went for some fresh air in order to recover a bit from that. But things seemed to go Worung's way. He got on the hill, taking a comfortable 8:4 lead over Costa. Suddenly a change could be notice in Costa's game. He played as strong as he did in the beginning of the match and now forced Worung to play some mistakes. At the score of 8:7 for Worung, Costa broke the balls and had the 1-ball and the 6-ball going down. He went for a very thin cut on the 2-ball instead of playing a safety shot. That was his final mistake. Worung got to the table cleared it and fired the 8-ball on to the 9-ball and pocketed the winning ball for the match. 9:7 was the final result for Worung who will now play Berislav Silic from Croatia in the quarter finals.

Other notable results include Henrique Correia (POR) smashing Tom Eksell (SWE) with 9:1 in 41 minutes! Reiner Wirsbitzki (GER) was already 2:6 down to Thomas Radakovits (AUT) but he was able to turn the match and win with 9:7. Kent Karlsson (SWE) sent Thomas Damm (GER) home with 9:5.

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