Champions Crowned at 2010 Super Billiards Expo

The 2010 Super Billiards Expo wrapped up Sunday evening crowning six new division champions. This prestigious amateur bar table tournament is a unique single-elimination, best two-out-of-three format of races to 4, 5, and 6, based on the division. This year, the race for the women's division was changed from four to five.

Of the 178 ladies, 14-year-old Brianna Miller of Allentown, PA was the first to finish with a 5-1 / 5-0 victory over Canadian champion, Grace Nakamura. The high school freshman will go home with a new piece of hardware and $1,800. Miller has had several top finishes in the juniors divisions at the Super Billiards Expo and felt extremely confident entering the finals.

Amateur Womens Championships

1st Brianna Miller $1,800
2nd Grace Nakamura $1,000
3rd Liz Lovely $750
4th Erin McManus $750
On the men's side, Matt Clatterbuck made his way through the strong field of 864 entries to earn the distinguished title of Open Amateur Champion. Clatterbuck defeated Ron Frank, Jr. in a two set finals of 5-1 / 5-4. Tom D'Alphonso and Marc Vidal of New York both settled for a tied third-fourth place finish.

Amateur Open Championships

1st Matt Clatterbuck $5,000
2nd Ron Frank, Jr. $2,000
3rd Marc Vidal  $1,500
4th Tom D'Alfonso $1,500
In the 12 and under juniors division, newcomer Ethan Madara from Hamburg, PA escaped a close match with Taylor Reynolds of Waterville, ME. Reynolds said she enjoys the challenge of the coed field and has several second place finishes in other junior's events. Madara recently learned to play on the pool table at American House Hotel owned by his family. His father Chris began tutoring him and they plan to travel to more upcoming junior's events. Both 12-year-olds received prizes in trophies, savings bonds, and tournament sponsor giveaways. Both juniors divisions are free to enter.

Amateur Juniors Championships (12 and under)

1st Ethan Madara
2nd Taylor Reynolds
3rd Ronald Sabine
4th Ray Rodriguez
17-year-old Chris Bruner of Richmond, VA thought he would run away with the match when he took the first set 5-0. Little did he know that Ledbetter, KY's Skyler Woodward was not going down without a fight. The 16-year-old came back to take the second set giving the crowd a good show in the end with a hill-hill finale. Both players are regular competitors at the Super Billiards Expo and will receive prizes in trophies, savings bonds, and tournament sponsor giveaways. Both juniors divisions are free to enter.

Amateur Juniors Championships (17 and under)

1st Skyler Woodward  
2nd Chris Bruner  
3rd Kyle Ray  
4th Jeremy Gibson  
The two-time Derby City Classic Bank Pool Champion, Larry Price wowed fans in the finals, proving he could bank just as well on the 7-footer. Price is no stranger to the finals at the Super Billiards Expo. He took the open amateur title last year and returned to try his luck in both divisions again this year. This time, his gamble paid off for him in the seniors division. Price met up with Kelly Espinoza of Adrian, MI for a three-set nail biter. Price claimed the first set 5-2 and the second set went to Espinoza 5-3 before Price closed it out 5-2.

Amateur Seniors Championships

1st Larry Price  $3,000
2nd Kelly Espinoza $1,500

The $300 entry Pro-Am Bar Table Challenge attracted 32 of the finest mix of players. Top amateur player Matt Krah bested Mosconi Cup team member Oscar Dominguez in a tight finals match. Craw, two-time Blaze Tour player of the year, had not lost a set until he faced Dominguez. The sets went 6-5 Krah, 6-4 Dominguez, and 6-3 Krah. Before this year, Krah had three 5-8th place finishes and attributes his breakthrough this year to his steady practice with Shaun Wilkie.

Pro-Am Bar Table Challenge

1st Matt Krah $2,000
2nd Oscar Dominguez $1,400
3rd Shane Winters $900