Chen earns another Fast Eddie’s Win

Jui-Lung Chen and Joey Gray

Fast Eddies Olhausen 9 Ball Tour resumed its schedule August 8-9 way out in the West Texas town of Amarillo.
This month yielded 42 players from all over the state, region, and the U.S.
Some of the top guns were Robert Newkirk, Jui Lung Chen, Rafael Martinez, Glen Atwell, Joey Gray, and Rusty Cates. They came to play too. The numbers were a bit lower than usual, but the field was rich in talent.
Finishing in the 7-8th positions and receiving $180.00 were Dustin Bishop and Rusty Cates of Amarillo. Both played very well.
The 5-6th slots were filled by Ricardo Martinez Las Cruces N.M. and Chip Compton of Oklahoma City. Both battled hard and took home $280 for his efforts.
Battling hard for the fourth place finish was the legendary Rafael Martinez. Rafael is always a crowd favorite and a spectacular player. He picked up $540.00 in the ring game on Friday night and another $390.00 on Sunday.
Arriving from the Northwest corner of the U.S. was Glen Atwell. Glen is a fine methodical player and always to be reckoned with in any event as Rafael will support. Glen took home $560.00 for a hard fought 3rd place finish. It was nice to see him again.
The hot seat match was between Joey Gray of Oklahoma City and Jui Lung Chen of Dallas. Joey has only played n a couple of Fast Eddies events, but, he is well known anywhere one goes. Chen meanwhile is a two time player of the year and has won many of these events.
Chen was though on his game and prevailed to win the hot seat with a score of 9-7.
Joey moved to the left side and quickly dispersed of Glen Atwell by a score of 7-4 to earn the chance to battle Chen again, in the finals.
Joey came out firing and took a 4-1 lead over him, but, Chen dug in and eventually came out victorious by a score of 9-6. Both played very well and were happy it was over.
For his great play and 2nd place finish, Joey took home $750.00.
For yet another win resulting from great play again, Chen took home $1140.
Congratulations to not only Joey and Chen, but to all for a real nice tournament.
A big thanks goes out to Jack Kompan of Mystick Cues for making the long trek to Amarillo Jack and Elvie are superb supporters of the tour and very classy people.
Thanks to Robbie TImms and Jeff Ridel of Behind the 8 ball. They add a great touch to any event and are great supporters as well.
For the 6th consecutive year we must thank Olhausen Billiards. Their support and generosity is just more than one can express.
Thanks to Abe Lim with The Laser Rack for Perfectly Positioned Racks for the finals. The guys loved it. Thank you so much.
Last but again hardly least, thanks to Fast Eddies Billiards. You guys are just great and Kevin and his staff were just awesome.
One last thanks to Patty Jones who was a tremendous help at this event.
Fast Eddies Olhausen tour will be in San Antonio September 20-21 at the Embassy location. This is always a great event so make plans and don't get shut out.