Sylver Ochoa wins Fast Eddies Tour Season Finale

Sylver Ochoa

Fast Eddies Olhausen 9 Ball Tour wrapped up 2008 at the Embassy location in San Antonio Texas. This event was for those who qualified by playing in the regular Jan- Nov Season.
In the open event there were 68 players from all over the state or surrounding states. Past winners such as Charlie Bryant , Jui Lung Chen, James Davis Sr, and Sylver Ochoa were present. As always the field was tough and talent deep.
Finishing 13-16 and collecting $120.00 were, Titio Fernadez, Jim Miller, Brian Sanders, and Tom Giddens. Each played well.
The 9-12 positions were taken by , Bob Pyles, Lee Rosa, Charlie Bryant, and Paul Blank. Each took home $165.00 For his nice weekend.
Settling for 7-8th spots were, Frank Ferrer Jr,  and Rick Stanley. Both are locals and play real well. They took home $200.00 For their efforts,
That brought on the 5-6th positions which were captured by, Ismael Rameriz  and Danny Almaraz. They took home $300 for a hard fought reward.
The 4th place finish was captured by James Davis Jr, who was eliminated by his dad, Sr. Jr took home $360 for a nice weekend.
By now you have figured out 3rd place which went to the ever so steady James Davis Sr. He is always so very tough. He settled for the $450..00 with a smile.
This set the stage for the finals with two who know each other auite well, Jui Lung Chen and Sylver Ochoa. Sylver had won the hot seat, but, Chen looked very determined to capture the season Finale. It was not to be though as Sylver won by a score of 9-4 in a convincing win.
Chen didn't go home empty handed though. He received a plaque for his 3rd consecutive Player of the Year Award, which also gets his tour membership paid next year as well as all entries, and $800 in prize money. I'm going to have to put a bounty on Chen.
Sylver Ochoa. The young man just gets better and better all the time. He has won multiple events and three years ago was the Player of the Year. He looked quite pleased and took $1200.00 with him.
Olhausen Billiards donates a pool table to be drawn for at each Finale and this the name Chuck Adams was drawn and Chuck was a very happy guy. He was speechless, which is a first.
So goes 2008. There are so many to thank this time, I want to mention Olhausen Billiards first. They are great people who have been so very supportive of this tour from the offset. Without their generosity, the Tour may no exist. Thank You so much.
Next, Fast Eddies. We just completed the 6th year and it is possible because they simply think it is the right thing to do.
Ron Geyer, Jack Kompan, Robbie Timms, Joe Salazar and James Hanshew are always there and really class up the tournament. Their support is vital.
Paul Summrall with S&S cues in Lubbock TX stepped right up and has become a sponsor with little coaxing what so ever. His donation each month means so very much and we appreciate it greatly. Look for his cues, he does great work.
Last Fast Eddies GM, Jill and her crew do great work and always make us feel quite special. Thank you so much.
We have a new website to be launched around January 1 which is This is being done by the life saving Melinda Bailey. She is an absolute sweetheart.
The 2009 schedule is out and if you do not receive it by December 15th, e-mail me at and you will be added to the list.
2008 was a tough year for a lot of people. There was so much economic speculation and uncertainty in the air. I feel strongly about 2009 and we are determined to make it the best yet.
From Paul Blank and Lewis Jones thanks to all and Happy Holidays