Hillbilly over Ochoa for Fast Eddie’s Win

Charlie Bryant and Sylver Ochoa

Fast Eddies Olhausen 9 Ball Tour held its tenth event of the year September 20-21 at Fast Eddies Embassy location in San Antonio Texas.

Ike tried to slow many from coming out, but still 85 entered the open event and as usual, it was a very tough field. Jeremy Jones, Gabe Owen, Charlie Bryant, Al Mason, James Davis Sr, Jui Lung Chen, and Sylver Ochoa were in attendance just to name a few. They were here to compete for the $1750.00 added money.

Finishing 13-16 were, Brian Sanders, Rick Stanley, Kenneth Lewis, and Jui Lung Chen. Each played well in doing so.

Rounding the 9-12 spots were, Mel Herrera, James Davis Jr, Jesse Mata, and Jeremy Jones.

The 7-8th spots were claimed by Robert Newkirk and Robert Almaraz. Both played well.

Claiming the 5-6th spots were Gabe Owen and James Davis Sr. to eliminate these guys is no easy task at all.

Finishing 4th and always tough to reckon with was Al Mason. Al has been around a long time and a threat at any event.

Coming in 3rd place was San Antonio's own Bob Pyles. Bob has been playing some again recently and knows his way around the table. His wife said we would be seeing more of him very soon. We are happy he got permission.

This set the stage for the finals between Charlie {Hillbilly} Bryant and the youngster, Sylver Ochoa. The crowd had mixed emotions here and seemed to be cheering for the on shooting at the time as each is quite the crowd favorite.

Sylver had a couple of uncharacteristic misses and his break did not work well tonight as Charlie broke well and didn't miss a ball. Charlie prevailed through a tough weekend and claimed 1st place by a score of 9-5. Both are great players and really entertained the crowd

A very special thanks goes to Olhausen Billiards as always as their support and generosity amazes us.

There is a new guy on the block named Paul Summerall who is donating an S&S cue each month in support of the tour. This is a great gesture and a fine product. You should hit with one of these cues.

The cue was raffled and won by Mel Herrera. Thanks Paul.

A special thanks to Ron Geyer of the Custom Cue Connection, Joe Salazar of Connoisseur of Custom Cues, Robbie Timms of Behind the 8 Ball, and of course Jack Kompan of Mystick Cues. Any event would seem less without you guys and your support.

Thanks to AZ Billiards. You guys are just great and keep the world aware.

Thank you to Jill and her staff at Fast Eddies. We love you guys.

Last but hardly least to Fast Eddies ownership. It is always fun.

The next event will be October 11-12 in Houston at the northerly FM 1960 location. Yes it is up and running and will be just fine. See you all there.