Hillbilly Wins Eighth Stop On Fast Eddie’s Olhausen Tour

James Davis Sr. And Charlie “Hillbilly” Bryant
“Hillbilly” Wins Eighth Stop On Fast Eddie's Olhausen Tour

Fast Eddies Olhausen 9-Ball Tour sponsored by Ray Schuler Cues held it's 8th event of the year in Houston at the South Gulf Freeway Fast Eddies location. A total of 82 players entered the open division and endured the heat. That's right, it is summer time in Houston and with one of the air conditioning units on the blink. Well, things really heated up.

Top picks for the August event were, James Davis Sr., Jui Lung Chen, Barry Emerson, Charlie Bryant, James Davis Jr., and Sylver Ochoa.

Finishing 13-16th were Shane Harvey, Chelo Isael, Tom Giddens, and Robert Newkirk. Each played very well and received $140 for his efforts.

The 9-12 slots were filled by Schonn Ballew, Jimmy Moen, Marc Garza, and Norberto Salano. The 9-12th positions paid $190.

Charles McKinley and Manuel Ayala played very hard and were forced to settle for the 7-8th spots, which paid $465. These guys gave it their all.

Sharing the 5-6th positions were Robert Stewart and James Davis Jr. Both these players are very competitive and love to play. James and Robert went home with $640 each.

Gordon Van Der Veer moved to Texas from the Chicago area and is always a more than worthy opponent. He plays hard and let's one know he has been in a fight. Gordon finished fourth and took home $1010 for his efforts.

Finishing third was Sylver Ochoa who is always tough as well. This young man thrives on pressure and competition. Third place is never easy and often leaves one feeling, "Only if I had...?" Well that's pool playing. Nice job in taking home $1470.

The final stage saw James Davis Sr. taking on undefeated Charlie "Hillbilly" Bryant. These two have very contrasting styles, as James is about as quiet as a mouse and very slow and methodical. Charlie is very methodical as well, but, energetic and talking to the crowd or anyone who will listen at the time. James is calculating and won't go for a "green light". Suddenly when faced with the tough shot, he puts them down. Charlie has one of the most powerful strokes in the game and is not afraid of using it. At one point, he jacks up and hit down on the other side of the cue ball to make a great hit and brings the crowd to it's feet..

Today was Charlie's day as he won 9-7, but it was a great final, ending a tough weekend with a lot of the elements to deal with. James who recently won the Texas Open walked away with $2090 and continues a great year. The Hillbilly, an IPT member, walked away with $3140 and won his 2nd event of the year.

Congratulations to both.

Thanks to Olhausen Billiards and Ray Schuler Custom Cues again. Both are just great and very generous.

Also in attendance were Ron Geyer of The Custom Cue Connection, Jack Kompan of Mystick Cues, Royce Bunnell of OB-1 Shafts, and Robbie Timms of Lubbock Texas. Their support is greatly appreciated.

Tino Lopez of Teodora's Tacos in San Antonio is with us each month and a valued friend.

Each month we come rolling in and lean very hard on Fast Eddies managers and staff and each month they continue to do an outstanding job. Rick and Tasha, thanks again.

Every month as we close out another event, I'm reminded of what Mark "Big Lew" Lewis one of the partners of Fast Eddies said, nearly four years ago, " Well, we continue this because it just seems like the right thing to do." Thank You!

Next month, we are in Beaumont. The storm hit it last year, but Fast Eddies ownership built it back up. It is just like new. Hope to see you all there, September 16-17.

From Paul, Ken, and myself, thanks for your support.