Ochoa Wins Fast Eddie’s Stop in Houston

Sylver Ochoa

Fast Eddies Olhausen 9 Ball Tour cranked up its 7th season January 17th, in Houston, at the Fast Eddies location on the South Gulf Freeway.
In two divisions the event yielded 81 players from Texas and the region. Players such as Denis Strickland, Jui Lung Chen, Claude Merrier, David Parker, Robert Stewart James Davis, James Davis Jr, Gordon Van Der Veer, Charlie Bryant, and Sylver Ochoa were in attendance to kick off the New Year and warm-up for the annual DCC. The Open event was to have $1750 Added Money.
Finishing in the 13-16 spots were, Jui Lung Chen, Jim Walker, Jacob Pena, and Hunter Blackwell. They all took home a hard earned $125.00.
The 9-12 spots were claimed by, Bill Igel, Robert Stewart, David Parker, and Andy Jethwa. They gathered $160.00 for their efforts.
The 7-8th finishers were, Rick Stanley and Ernesto Bayaua. They cashed in for $200 each and earned every penny.
The elusive 5-6th spots were taken by  Gordon Van der Veer and Charlie Bryant. Neither was ready to go home, but that is often how things roll. They gathered $250 for fine efforts.
The 4th place finish was captured by the ever entertaining and hard playing Denis Strickland of Houston. Denis is fun but, means business when he flips the coin to begin a match. He won Trish $400 for the weekend.
Claude Merrier of Canada is back down in these parts and is always tournament tough. Claude gathered the 3rd place finish and took $550 back on the road with him.
The hot seat was won by James Davis Jr of the Austin area. He is a solid player and one of Texas favorite sons. He then had to wait on the outcome of Claude and Sylver Ochoa to capture the first of the year.
Sylver meanwhile was making noise on the one loss side and handed Claude his final defeat and then on to the finals to face James Davis Jr.
Double dipping Jr. is no easy feat, but Sylver, and fine young player from the Texas Valley did just that and started the year off right.
James took home $810 for his weekend and Sylver took home $1200 for his 1st win of 2009. Congratulations to both.
We would like to thank James Hanshew of Hanshew Custom Cues for his support and fine cue repair over the weekend as well as Robbie Timms of Behind the 8 Ball.
A special thanks to Paul Sumrall of S&S Cues for his sponsorship by donating a beautiful cue at each event this year. He is a great guy and cue maker.
A special thanks also to Jason and his crew at Fast Eddies South in Houston. They love us being there and we love it as well.
Olhausen Billiards has been on board with the tour for going on 7 years now and we just can't imagine life without them. We in Texas love you guys.
The next event will be February 14-15 at 502 Embassy Oaks in San Antonio and we are anxious to see you all.
Don't forget to visit us at fasteddiestour.com provided by the lovely Melinda Bailey.