Chen Tears Up The Field at Fast Eddie’s First 2006 Event

Jui Lung Chen, Jimmy "Vegas" Moen and the Fast Eddie's Ladies

Fast Eddie's Olhausen 9 Ball Tour sponsored by Schuler Legacy Cues kicked off its fourth season January 21, in Houston Texas at the Fast Eddie's Billiards just off the south Gulf Freeway. The Open Division yielded 81 men and all seemed ready to get the New Year rolling. As always, it was a tough field and some pretty intense matches.

Top picks were Charlie "Hillbilly" Bryant, Jui Lung Chen, Sylver Ochoa, and Jason Pearce. Jimmy "Vegas" Moen is the one the bidders let get away and many are still kicking themselves as Jimmy turned in a very gutsy performance.

Finishing in the 13-16th placements were Billy Moore, Aaron Salinas, Erman Bullard, and Robert Newkirk. All these men are very good players and played very hard. Settling for 9-12th positions were C.J. Holan, James Davis Jr., Charles McKinley, and Pat Briceno. One might want to remember these names as the guys are, as they say, 'on the improve'. Raul Escobedo and Bill Fuller filled the 7-8th spots. Neither seemed ready to go home yet, as they were really battling. Still, nice job. To end up 5-6th was no easy chore this weekend and Charlie Bryant and Billy Sharp looked as if they had done battle. Both lost real heartbreakers.

Finishing fourth and playing very well lately was Sam Manole of California. Sam has been visiting Texas for a while now and has done quite well for himself. He is quiet and easy going, but plays very hard.

Robert Clark of Dallas is a very good 9-ball player and reopened many eyes this weekend. He finished in the third place position as the tables seemed a little unforgiving toward the end for him. As Robert stated though, "I will be back!" We are sure he will be.

Jimmy Moen is a very competitive person and his happy-go-lucky personality always makes him crowd favorite. What not many knew this weekend is just how badly Jimmy really felt. He hurt his back recently and it took a 'little persuasion' to get him to return Sunday, as he was really hurting. The fight in him prompted him to return and turn in an incredible performance that got him to finals against "The Quiet Man", Jui Lung Chen.

The finals didn't get started until about 1:00 a.m. and Chen seemed a little cold after winning the Hot Seat and having to wait for an opponent. Jimmy came out firing and it looked as it were over when the score was 7-1 in Jimmy's favor. Anyone who has watched Jui Lung Chen play the past couple of years knows, that it is never over until the last 9 ball falls.

At 7-1, Jimmy came up dry on the break and Chen ran out in about 60 seconds and then made it on the break, and never looked back as he scored an amazing comeback with 8 consecutive games and the victory. The crowd was really 'into the finals' and seemed to be in total support of whoever was shooting at the time. It was fun.

Congratulations to Jimmy Moen on an incredible performance and an impressive second place finish.

Jui Lung Chen has made his place in Texas. He is so quiet and always quite a gentleman and it is just impossible not to be happy for him. Congratulations to Chen!

A special thanks goes out to the "Hillbilly", Charlie Bryant, for his exhibition/clinic. Nobody on the planet enjoys teaching and talking about the game as much as Charlie and his energy proves it. Thanks!

A special thank you to Olhausen Billiards and Schuler Legacy Cues for their continued support in 2006. We feel very fortunate to be associated with such tremendous people and very grateful for their generosity.

New to the Tour this year is Brian Hennah with the Aramith "SHARK" Balls. A new set of the beautiful balls went to Jennifer Kraber and she was "all smiles". A special thanks for their contribution. Another new addition is OB-1 Shafts of the Dallas area. The OB-1 is simply incredible with its new radial technology and is making quite a 'stir' in the industry. At each event this year, as you register, go directly to the OB1 display and receive your 'free' raffle ticket for an OB-1 shaft. Don't miss this opportunity. Thanks again to Royce and his crew and congratulation to Jason Meadows for winning the OB-1 Cue Shaft raffle.

Again, thank you to Ron Geyer of the Custom Cue Connection, Jack Kompan of Mystick Cues, Tino Lopez of Teodora's Tacos, and Jeff Ridel and Robbie Timms of "Behind the 8 Ball". It just wouldn't seem like home without all you guys. Your appreciation just can't be properly expressed.

Thanks to Rick and his entire staff who handled a huge crowd very, very well. You guys are great! We will never forget the words of Mark "Big Lew" Lewis of Fast Eddies Billiards, "Well, we do this mainly because it is the right thing to do. Let's do it!" As it says over the bar in large gold letters at each Fast Eddie's location, "LIFE IS MEANT TO BE GOOD". Well, Fast Eddies makes it more than good, they make it great. It is just one of the reasons that Fast Eddies is RAPIDLY becoming the largest billiard chain in the world.

From us at PKL Promotions, it was fun and we think that 2006 is going to be a great year for POOL. See you at Fast Eddie's on N.W. Military Drive in San Antonio on February 11-12, 2006.

Complete Results:
1st Jui Lung Chen $3770
2nd Jimmy Moen $2490
3rd Robert Clark $1730
4th Sam Manole $1150
5th/6th Charlie Bryant, Billy Sharp $700
7th/8th Bill Fuller, Raul Escobedo $505
9th/12th C. J. Holan, James Davis Jr., Charles McKinley, Pat Briceno $180
13th/16th Robert Newkirk, Erman Bullard, Aaron Salinas, Billy Moore $140