China Open Underway!

Sixty-four men and thirty-two women have now begun play in the China Open in Shanghai. Some of the upsets have been very noticeable. Allison Fisher, known for her penchant for winning the big ones, has been eliminated after losing her first two matches. The draw had landed Fisher in a powerful group that contained such players as Jeanette Lee and Karen Corr as well as 2007 Japan Open winner Shu Han Chang. But there was another name that plunked the first big hammer on Fisher.

The Duchess dropped the first match to Han Fang of China after the match went to double-hill. Han Fan had gained entry to the event by winning a qualifying tournament. This sent Fisher left where she had to play Chen Xu, also of China. Chen Xu (which we have seen before as Xue) had lost her first match to Karen Corr, winning only a single rack in that contest. It was a different story against Fisher. Xu won the match 9-5.

Jeanette Lee is still in the contest, but she is taking the longer path to the end of the brackets by slipping her first match, 9-4, against the aforementioned Shu Han Chang. Jeanette then won her second match, 9-4, against Veronica Hubertova of Czechoslovakia and awaits an opponent now.

Winners include Kelly Fisher, 9-7, over Gerda Hoffstater and Vivian Villarreal, 9-7, over Zhou Doudou.

Gabe Owen appears, from the brackets, to have forfeited himself out of the tournament. Shane Van Boening sent Kuo Po Cheng left, 9-4. Indeed, there were not many upsets in the first round. The usual players progressed. No surprises for Souquert, Charlie Williams, Fong PAng Chou, Van Boening, or Hohmann. Immone also survived the first day in fine shape after he sent Oscar Dominquez over to the one-loss side 9-3.