Chip Compton Strikes at Texas 9 Ball Open


Joey Grey matched up against Chip Compton for the hot seat at the 39th annual Texas Open. Joey (last year’s second place winner) was focused and confident going into the match. Chip also confident began the match with a 4-0 lead before letting Joey play. Joey snapped off a 6 pack with ease and then plays safety push. Chip kicks and scores only to leave him hooked...but wait, there’s more. Chip pulls off and incredible jump shot over the five ball to sink the three! Chip quickly ties it up 6-6. But that would be the end of that as Joey snaps off three straight, sending Chip Compton packing to the one loss side with a 9-6 victory.

Joey, shooting lights out, seemed to be the obvious pick as the victor and all that was left was to play it out. However, on the one loss side, hot streaks were contagious as Manny Chau was taking care of Sylver Ochoa with 9-7 victory. The match was intense as it was tied several times all the way to 7-7. Manny made it to the hill, breaks and comes up hooked. Manny rolled out, but hooked it and Sylva gave the shot back. Manny was able to make the hit but leaves the table wide open for Sylva. Sylva runs but got more draw on 7 ball than he wanted, leaving him tough on the eight. Sylva scratched and Manny sends Sylva home with 5/6th place.

Robb Saez sends Jamie Barak home as well with a 5/6th finish. Manny then faces Robb Saez. Saez sends Manny home with a nice 4th place finish. Now it’s Robb Saez (defending champion) v/s Chip Compton to see who gets the shot at Joey. The first part of the match was spent exchanging safeties. The safety battle ended tied at two. The score would be 8-2 before Robb sees the table again bringing the score to 8-3, but he breaks and leaves the cue ball locked in the corner, missed a tough shot on the two allowing Chip in for a 9-3 victory.

Finals: Joey Grey v/s Chip Compton, but this was not the same Chip or the same Joey we seen a couple hours earlier. This was now a very tired Joey Grey and a very eager Chip Compton. They tie up at 5-5 but Chip takes the first set 9-6. The second set Chip turned loose. He made every shot or he missed and the shot went in anyway. Several miracle shots were made that no one would recommend taking in a finals match, but he did and landed almost all of them as if his hands were blessed. Chip Compton skated to a 9-2 victory and the new 2012 Texas Open Champion, leaving Joey, with a well-earned second place for the second year in a row.
We’d like to send a special thank you to 8 time Texas Open 9 Ball Champion, Bob Vanover for his visit and congrats on your first round victory! Remember, the Texas 9 Ball Open, held at Skinny Bob’s Billiards in Round Rock Texas, is held over Labor Day weekend. Spots fill up fast so make sure you have your seats very early next year! See you there.