Chris Bruner wins Richmond Billiard Tour Stop

For the first event of the new year, the Richmond Billiard Tour started out with 20 players eager to get started.  

Penny Flammia, always a strong contender, lost his first match.  Then on the one loss side , showing patience and skill, he mounted a strong comeback winning his next 5 matches before losing and eventually settling for fourth place!

Shari Cunningham had a very good day with some big upsets and finally settled for third place.

Chris Brunner and John Newton both started out the race from the gate with very strong play and both wanted to be the in the winner's circle.  In the semi finals Chris managed to send Jordan to the one loss side leaving Chris in the hot seat. On the one loss side Jordan playing with more determination then ever worked his way back to earn a place in the finals and a rematch. In the finals we so some great shot making and both of these players have a very explosive break!!! Every time Chris broke it sounded like a shot gun going off!  The match was a nail bitter. Chris and Jordan traded games eventually going hill/hill where Chris finally ran out for the win!!