Christian Reimering and Wendy Jans Champs at 9th Annual Open Weert Nine-Ball Tournament

The 9th Annual Open Weert Nine-Ball Tournament at the House of Billiards in The Netherlands provided an entertaining challenge match on Saturday between Ralf Souquet and Niels Feijen who participated in front of a packed arena. The two played a ten-ball match with races to twelve in a winner take all $2500 match. Souquet was the overall victor with an amazing miss of only one ball throughout the entire set – the final score 13-4.

The nine-ball main event started out with a field of over 200 players, including Ralf Souquet, Niels Feijen, Oliver Ortmann, Imran Majid, Marcus Chamat, Nick Van Den Berg, Thomas Engert, Huidji See, Fabio Petroni, Alex Lely, and many more. By Sunday, the field had lessened to sixty-four with the Germans taking center stage. Out of the remaining players, a total of thirty-one were German; six remained out of the final eight, and the semis and final round was an all-German affair.

One of the upsets of the day came from young Belgium Stephen Lammens (European Junior 8-Ball Champion) when he beat Niels Feijen in a tight race by a score of 8-6 in the final sixty-four. Souquet was also unable to sustain his fine form as he lost in the final thirty-two round against the eventual winner, Christian Reimering.

The final round saw Christian Reimering take down Oliver Ortmann in a nail biter ending. The score read 10-9 when it was all said and done. Reimering was the first player in the tournament's nine year history to win it a second time, he also won a final frame decider final in 2003.

On the women's side of the brackets, former World Snooker Champion and WPBA player Wendy Jans took home the win with gusto. Her first quarter-final she knocked it out of the ballpark with a score of 5-1. Jans continued with shooting four straight racks in the semi-final round against Denmark's Katrine Jensen. The score read the same, 5-1. Although her wins were impressive, the final round had her working a bit harder with German's Ina Jentschura. She was able to hold off Jentschura in the end with a narrow lead of 6-4.

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Results (men):
1st Christian Reimering $6000
2nd Oliver Ortmann $3000
3rd/4th Thomas Seiffert/Thomas Engert $1500
5th/8th Helmut Heck/Noel Bruynooghe/Sven Paurtisch/Marcus Chamat $800

Results (women):
1st Wendy Jans $750
2nd Ina Jentschura $375
3rd/4th Sabrina Fritz/Katrine Jensen $200