Clarification of US Mosconi Ranking Events

WITH the 2012 Mosconi Cup set for 10-13 December at the York Hall in Bethnal Green, London, Matchroom Sport would like to clarify the events that comprise the ranking system for selection of the United States Mosconi Cup team.
They are:
1) Turning Stone Classic Winter Event. Verona, NY. 15-18 December
2) The Players Championship at Valley Forge, 8-11 March
3) US Open 10-Ball Championship. Las Vegas, 14-19 May
4) Turning Stone Classic Summer Event. Verona, NY. August
5) The US Open 9-Ball Championship. Virginia Beach, 20-27 October
Therefore there is one event left in the series – the 2012 US Open 9 Ball Championship.
Points in the series are allocated as per the BCA Points List and each event is weighted depending on total purse, size of field and number of top-ranked players competing.
Only players finishing in the last 32 of each event will be allocated points and at the conclusion, after the US Open, the top two players will automatically gain entry to the Mosconi Cup side.
The remaining three players will be Matchroom Sport wildcard picks although this ranking will play a major part in this.
In other Mosconi Cup news, Matchroom will be looking to name the captain of Team USA for this year’s event in advance of the US Open.
The Ranking
1. Shane Van Boening           364
2. Mike Dechaine                   328

3. Dennis Hatch                       230
4. Stevie Moore                      208
5. Brandon Shuff                     205
6. Rodney Morris                    198
7. Oscar Dominguez               175.5
8. Mike Davis                          171
9. Shawn Putnam                    158
10. Corey Deuel                      144
11. Johnny Archer                   122
12. Jeremy Sossei                    92.5
13. Earl Strickland                   88.5
14. Louis Ulrich                       85
15. Hunter Lombardo                         83.5