Cleiton Rocha Named AZB Player Rep

Cleiton Rocha

AZBilliards is pleased to announce that Cleiton Rocha has been named as our very first Pro Player Representative. Mr. Rocha was chosen because he offers all of the qualities that a firm seeks when choosing a player representative. He is an up and coming pro, but that is not even an issue.

What makes Mr. Rocha special is his personality. He is very fan-friendly and will take the time to sit and talk with those who support pro pool by attending the events. He is present often in the tournament arena even when he is not playing, so he gives our brand the maximum possible exposure. He understands the importance of always being respectful to the game, the sponsors, the promoters, fellow players and all fans.

He is also a very dedicated family man and his wife, Pam, often accompanies him on the tournament trail. In short, his values align with our own and we never have to be concerned about him doing anything that might prove an embarrassment.

Welcome aboard, Cleiton, we look forward to a long future together.