Cliff Joyner Wins Big at Diamond Billiards

Cliff Joyner

From October 9th through the 12th, Diamond Billiards in Dallas, Texas put on a $7000 added open one-pocket event. There was action around the clock during this event and although the field held only thirteen players, the room owners added the full amount of guaranteed money.

The first two rounds were race to three, every other round race to four, and the finals were a race to five. The field may have been light, but the added money was quite an incentive for these recognizable players – Jeremy Jones, Cliff Joyner, Billy Incardona, and Robert Newkirk. All of which ended the weekend with fantastic results.

Initially, we saw Billy Incardona win over Jeremy Jones; Cliff Joyner over Steve Smith; and Roger Griffis defeated Robert Newkirk. This took the tournament into round five where it became a “round robin” format.

The outcomes leading up to the finals from the round robin reflected Billy Incardona over Roger Griffis 4-2; Cliff Joyner over Billy Incardona 4-2; and Joyner then went on to defeat Roger Griffis 3-3.

The finals were played Friday evening between Cliff Joyner and Billy Incardona. Joyner dominated the match with a 5-1 win over Incardona.

If you would like additional information on this event, please see Diamond Billiard's website at

Special thanks to the owners Billy Incardona, Bumper Man, "Diamond" Dean Ragland, Tommy Ray, Wade Crane, and Red Bird for their dedication to the event and to supporting the game. Also, to Tournament Director Zach Ballas for his recent efforts putting together this great stop. Ballas anticipates future events will be held, details to follow.

File photo courtesy of Rick Schmitz