Cliff Joyner goes undefeated, twice

Cliff Joyner goes undefeated, twice

In the six years that the U.S. Bar Table Championships have offered a $1000 bonus to any player that could win both the 8-Ball and 9-Ball divisions, not one player has been able to earn that bonus...
until now.

Cliff Joyner went undefeated through a field of 108 players to win the 9-ball event held on Thursday and Friday. Joyner defeated Ernesto Dominguez 9-6 in the final match to earn the $5000 first prize. Dominguez collected $3000. Jose Parica and Santos Sambajon finished in third and fourth places and collected $2000 and $1000.

As if winning the 9-Ball division wasn't enough for Joyner, he then went on to stay undefeated and win the 8-Ball division on Saturday and Sunday with a field of 151 players.

Joyner defeated Canadian Star Edwin Montal 5-4 in the first set of the finals. Joyner collected another $5000 for this event, and Montal settled for $3000. Steve Cherewyk, also from Canada, finished in third for $2000 and Tony Chohan finished in fourth for $1250.

We will have a complete report from this event later in the week.