Kiamco is King of the Barbox

Warren Kiamco has followed up his win at the US Bar Table Championship 9-Ball division with an undefeated run through the field of 226 players for a win in the 8-Ball division and $5000 in bonus money.

Kiamco ran through the field of 144 players in the 9-ball division without a loss, but he was just getting started in this event. Kiamco's trek through the field in the 8-ball division included wins over Jeff Whitehead, Antonio Gabica, Kim Davenport and Gabica again in the finals.

First place in the 9-ball earned Kiamco $6000 and first place in the 8-ball division was worth $7000. Kiamco also earned the $5000 bonus offered to any player who is able to win both division. Kiamco became the first player since Cliff Joyner to win this bonus prize.

We have complete brackets from the 9-ball division as well as the 8-ball division online.