Warren Kiamco & Antonio Gabica take one, two at Blaze 10 Ball Event

The Blaze 10 Ball Tour was hosted by Edison Billiards in Edison NJ, the field was small but very strong. Players like Warren Kiamco, Antonio Gabica, Joe Frady, Chavez, Matt Krah, and Carl Yusuf to name a few.

There were two groups of six playing in round robin format. Leading group one was Matt Krah after beating Warren Kiamco 5-2. Warren Kiamco and Carl Yusuf rounding out the players from group one to make it to the final round. Leading group two was Antonio Gabica and joining him was Ignacio Chavez and Joe Frady.

The final six players put on quite a show and all the points were close. Warren Kiamco led the way with 23 points, Antonio Gabica took second with 22 points. There was a tie between Ignacio Chavez and Joe Frady, both with 21 points. There was a one game sudden death and Joe Frady won the coin flip and proceeded to break and ron out the rack taking third place. Chavez had to settle for forth. Taking fifth place was Matt Krah and in sixth was Carl Yusuf.