Crowe stops loss-side challenge by Renshaw to win Dishaw Cues CNY Tour

Jerry Crowe won the Dishaw Cues CNY Tour stop on Saturday, March 19, but his finals opponent, Mike Renshaw, was arguably the happier camper. Renshaw, who was the tour's director for many years, was thrilled with his second place finish. “It was,” he said, “as far as I've ever gotten. I was third once, and fourth, once. Maybe I'll win the next one.” The $300-added event drew 23 entrants to Salt City Billiards in Syracuse, NY.

Crowe had to beat Renshaw twice to claim the event title. He did so first among the winners' side final eight, sending Renshaw west 7-5. Crowe then defeated Adam Tanner 7-3 to get into the hot seat match against Hendrik Drost, who'd defeated Rich Riccardi 7-4. Crowe allowed Drost only a single rack in gaining the hot seat, from where he awaited the return of Renshaw.

Renshaw, who'd fallen to Crowe in the third round of play, opened his five-match march back to the finals with a 7-2 victory over Andre Iannello, and followed it with a double hill win over John Cotter, which put him up against Tanner. Riccardi drew Mark Creamer, who'd gotten by Terry Bulman 7-5 and Spencer Auigbelle, double hill. In advancing to the quarterfinals, Renshaw and Riccardi gave up only two racks between them (Riccardi shut out Creamer).

Renshaw got into the finals with back-to-back 7-4 victories over, first, RIccardi, and then Drost in the semifinals. Crowe, though, was determined and gave up three racks less than he'd allowed Renshaw the first time around, defeating him 7-2 to take home the first place prize.