CueSport TV to Broadcast British Professional 9-ball Pool in 2009

CueSport TV, the Internet Pool & Snooker Channel, have today announced that the company will be once again offering recorded broadcasts of all of the GB 9 Ball Tour events in 2009.

The coverage provided by CueSport TV in 2008 was unprecedented for a national 9-ball pool tour with 9-ball pool videos being available in the main schedule and on-demand. Throughout the course of the 2008 season viewers were able to watch 9-ball pool matches featuring a host of professional pool players including Darren Appleton, Daryl Peach, Tony Drago, Imran Majid, Karl Boyes, Raj Hundal and Pat Holtz, the majority of which are returning for the 2009 season.

Managing Director of CueSport TV Ltd, Pete Williams had this to say, “The GB 9 Ball Tour, through the hard work and dedication of Lee Rigby and Shirley Ang, has become a recognised tour throughout the world due to the quality of the organisation, the star players on offer and the coverage that my company has been able to offer. 2008 saw us serve video to 11,000 unique viewers per month from 110 different countries. It made massive sense for us to continue to cover the GB 9 Ball Tour for 2009 and drive both the tour and it's standing within the International pool community forward. Especially due to the fact that the tour and the UK have two reigning World Pool Champions in Daryl Peach and Darren Appleton.”

Changes to the coverage will occur in 2009 with CueSport TV planning on providing multiple camera coverage of the main match table and live 9-ball pool action through the live function of the channel player.

The first tournament of the 2009 season, The Midlands Classic, takes place over the weekend of the 9th-11th January at Rileys, Solihull. Viewers can watch 9-ball pool matches from this tournament during the course of the following week.