Dave Coles and Tom Rosemeyer Winners at The Carom Room (WI)

The most recent two stops at The Carom Room in Beloit, Wisconsin, have seen quite a few entrants throw their names in the hat. The November 29th nine-ball bar table open brought in a total of fifty-eight players with a tournament purse of $2331 ($905 added) being the grand prize to capture.  Taking home top honors at this event were the following:

1st Dave Coles $795

2nd Shawn Carlson $490

3rd Jesse Bowman $305

4th Jeff Carter $187

5th/6th Jamie Welch/Henry Brodt $116

7th/8th Chad Vilmont/Craig McLaren $69

9th-12th Donny Thompson/Rich Bideaux/Paul Scott/Tim Ruenger $46

Bringing us to the latest stop at the venue, the December 13th no masters allowed eight ball bar table event.  This tournament capped off the weekend with a full bracket of a whopping eighty-seven players.  With $1359 added to the event, the first place prize up for grabs was $1150 and Tom Rosemeyer was the big cheese on this particular weekend.  Following behind him was Jason Lick $710, and Ben Swenson $438.  The rest of the field payouts can be found here:

1st Tom Rosemeyer $1150

2nd Jason Lick $710

3rd Ben Swenson $438

4th Mike Enters $272

5th/6th Chad Elston/Matt Strong $167

7th/8th Mark Eifler/Tony Gong $105

9th-12th Tony Loeper/Jack Wu/Nik Bolin/Mike Laporte $63

13th-16th Chris Bonde/Al Belgum/Mike Brubaker/Fred Ryser $42

For more information on the upcoming events at The Carom Room www.thecaromroom.com/$1,000addedtournament.html